Female pleasure

and its orgasmic potential.

Free Zoom Masterclass


This masterclass is aimed more at women since it will be about discovering, harnessing and expanding the orgasmic potential that exists in each of them.

It is also open to any man interested in the subject.

During this masterclass, it will be about orgasms and how each woman can awaken her sexuality, discover the rich palette of possible pleasures and connect deeply to her sexual energy. I will be talking about the Sacred Feminine and how sexual energy, when flowing freely, positively impacts our entire life, and beyond!

I will discuss how rejuvenating it is to connect with our orgasmic capacity and our sexual energy, also called kundalini, to connect with our inner power, our intuition and our creativity.

If you want to update your knowledge of female anatomy; if you are curious to know more about the difference between pleasure orgastic and pleasure orgasmic; if you are interested in learning more about the orgasmic potential of every woman and about the Goddess spot, i invite you to join the masterclass.



From clit’ to squirt :
discover female pleasure!

Program of two workshops during which women take the path of intimacy to awaken the sacred feminine that lies dormant in each of them, explore their body, awaken and reveal their orgasmic potential!

Are you little or not satisfied with your sex life?

Is it hard to let go?

Do you feel frustrated after having sex?

Do you feel little or no pleasure at the vaginal level?

Do you have a hunch that there are unexplored pleasures?

The vast majority of women have limited access to their orgasmic and ecstatic potential. The good news is that often this is the result of a lack of learning and permissions. Reaching an orgasm is not innate! There is therefore a path that allows you to access the range of possible orgasmics.

These workshops can help you. You can learn and develop skills and attitudes that will bring you more pleasure in your sex life and more generally in your life!

These workshops are an opportunity for:

  • Become aware of the infinite possibilities of your female body;
  • Discover the energetic dimension of your sexuality;
  • Learn exercises that expand your orgasmic power;
  • Connect deeply to yourself;
  • Explore your lotus flower, your yoni.

Workshop 1: Awakening the sacred feminine and the power of the yoni


No prerequisites. However, being comfortable with nudity between women is a plus.

Workshop 2: Exploration of the yoni and expansion of pleasure


Prerequisites: to have already explored and discovered the external clitoris and the orgasm which is linked to it. Be comfortable with nudity between women.

These workshops with very specific and intimate content take place in a progressive way and respectful of the rhythm and the limits of each one, in a safe, supportive and benevolent framework.



Yoni Massage 


Here in this body are the sacred rivers. Here are the sun and the moon.  As well as all the pilgrimage places, I have not encountered another temple as blessed as my body. 

Saraha Doha