Awake your sexual potential!
Prolong your erection!
Manage your ejaculation!


Cultivate your sexual energy, having longer pleasure with your partner.
Join our Tantra Tao Program of 10 individual sessions to give you possibility to free up your ecstatic potential.

The three first sessions will bring you in contact with breath and meditation to enter in relaxation and let go out stress and fears who are the real enemy for a good sexual life.

During sessions 4 to 6, one of the goal will be to improve and prolong your erection by special physical exercises and techniques for your pelvic area. Flexible and unlocked body is essential for good sex!

The last four sessions build up your sexual energy from your genitals into the rest of your body, to feel your excitement more ecstatic, to spread it all over and manage your ejaculation. So you can be the best lover for your partner!

The complete Tantra Tao Program is made for every man who suffers of premature ejaculation difficulty, erectile dysfunction problem and is opened also for everyone who is curious to become multic-orgasmic. 

Price: 55€ each session. 

According to the tao our sexual energy is the foundation of our being so essential for a full life every day!