Do you suffer from ejaculation disorders: premature* delayed* absent*?

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunctions:          loss, soft or no erection?


Do you want to become multi-orgasmic?


Developed by Véronique and Marcel from their knowledge in the field of sexology, tantra and tao, the program in 10 individual sessions brings you answers and practical help to overcome your difficulty and release your ecstatic potential!

The program is adapted according to demand and offers progressive exercises that focus on

– deep breathing and meditation in order to relax you and drive away stress and fears, real enemies for a fulfilling sex life but also to connect you to your feelings and physical sensations;

– specific physical exercises for the pelvic area because a firm PC muscle and a flexible body are essential for good sexuality;

– masturbation exercises changing your habits;

– exercises to spread your sexual energy throughout your body and not just in the genital area for experiencing your excitement and your pleasure in a more ecstatic way.


As a couple or single, you will develop all the skills necessary to awaken your sexual potential, control your ejaculation, prolong your erection and increase your pleasure for you and your current or future partner.



* Premature ejaculation: ejaculation occurs before or soon after penetration, BEFORE the man wants it.

* Delayed ejaculation: it is very difficult to ejaculate during penetration, sometimes also with erectile dysfunction.

* No ejaculation (anejaculation): the man cannot ejaculate despite having a good erection.

* Multi-orgasmic man: a man capable of experiencing multiple orgasms and making a conscious decision to ejaculate or not.


According to the tao our sexual energy is the foundation of our being so essential for a full life every day!