The massage soothes the body and the mind for a simple but obvious scientific reason: the skin and the nervous system belong to the same set of cells formed during the embryonic development! The massage releases endorphins, hormones that have an analgesic capacity and provide a feeling of well-being, even euphoria. It circulates blood, drains toxins and improves the general condition.

Sensorial Waking up Massage

The Sensorial Waking up Massage is, as its name suggests, a massage to awaken the sensory feeling of the body taking into account the different senses, practiced with various accessories. It is an essential step for anyone for whom physical contact and touch are sources of tension, isolation, fear, suffering. It’s a way to improve your sensoriality and sensuality.

Tantric Massage

The Tantric Massage is a pathway to the “sacred sexuality” as teached by tantra or tantrism. It aims circulation of the sexual energy – the kundalini – throughout your whole body, which is massaged completely, to (re) find connection and unity to yourself, to your partner and develop your mindfulness.

This path to “sacred sexuality” can offer you the opportunity to live a fulfilling and blooming sexuality, to balance with respect the yin and yang energies, apart from any spirit of performance. Tantric massage can be an intense moment of pleasure and letting go.
Tantric massage can help also for some therapeutic purposes, to lift energetic and sexual blockages, to calm psychosomatic tensions, to develop the body’s erotic sensitivity, to reach states of deep orgasms. The whole body receives the massage, inclusive the lingam (penis) or the yoni (vagina), respecting the limits of each. The “happy end” is not an end in itself! No sexual services!

Tantric massage 4 hands is a great moment of ecstasy. The body, massaged by 4 hands, surrenders completely and gives free rein to the sensations and emotions of the present moment.

Tantric massage for couples is an intense moment of sharing at 2, side by side in the same room. Receiving this massage makes you to live together a unique experience of giving up all control over yourself and your partner; an unforgettable experience of total letting go.

Yoni Massage

Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit; the yoni massage is therefore a massage of the vulva (external) and the vagina (internal); it is a technique derived from tantra.

This massage allows a form of deep sensual intimacy with oneself. Each woman is invited to become aware of all of her erogenous zones, including internal ones; to come into contact with the ecstatic being who lives in her. It opens onto a new dimension of self-knowledge, of one’s own body and of one’s pleasure, combining sexuality and spirituality.

This massage detoxifies the body and stimulates energy by activating the chakras (energy centers located throughout our body).

It also acts as a liberator of traumas installed in the yoni, which can manifest as pain during sexual intercourse.

This massage, performed according to a very specific ritual, invites each woman to meet her Sacred Feminine.



Sensorial Waking up Massage

Tantric massage

Tantric massage 4 hands

Tantric massage for couples

Yoni massage

Included the use of the shower before and after the massage and the towel.

Appointments are charged if they are not canceled 48 hours in advance.

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