TANTRA teaches how to live sexuality on a “sacred” way, by to BE and give up to DO!  It’s a philosophy of life, a spiritual way, which has its origins in Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means weave. Weaving together our body, heart and spirit to reach a state of consciousness total awaken our oneness.

All senses are triggered, as well the sexual pleasure. This often makes that Tantra is linked to exclusively sexual practices. But it is not the case! Tantra stands for full sexual energy awareness, in contrast to stereotypes of sexual performance.

Meditation, breathing, yoga and massage are all tools to let circulate the sexual energy, the kundalini, through the whole body, to promote access to this state of complete fulfillment, perfect ecstasy.

Sexual liberation involves the liberation of the whole being: heart, body and spirit. This holistic vision is an essential ingredient in the understanding of Sacred Sexuality.” Nick Douglas “Sexual secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy”

The practice of Tantra provides many benefits and can solve various emotional, psychological, sexual and relational difficulties:

• remove blockages, complexes related to shame or guilt;
• find or regain self-confidence;
sooth the mind and calm stress;
• find a relationship to the body and sexuality that is healthy, natural and happy;
• become aware of one’s masculine and feminine side and accept them;
• leave the sexual performance habits;
• reconnect a couple.

Tantra is liberation yourself!